Luxzone Lighting

Our Products

We have very large range of products in Lighting & Power. These are suitable for various lighting segments and various applications: - Categorically we have identified these products as below: -

  • Indoor Lighting Products
  • Outdoor Lighting Products
  • Solar Lighting Products
  • Special Lighting Products
  • Lighting Controls
  • Solar Power Products

Indoor Lighting Products

Area Of Applications:

Offices, Hotels, Malls, Home, Hospitals, Institutions, Factories

Product Categories:
  • Down Light – Concealed, Surface
  • Focus Light – Concealed, Surface
  • Broad Area Light
  • Special Effect, Mood Light
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Special Lighting for Special Applications.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Area Of Applications:

Streets, Gardens, Swimming Pool, Foot path, Signage, Hoardings, Tunnel & Canopies.

Product Categories:
  • Street Light
  • Flood Light
  • Wall Washers, Fassacade
  • Underwater Light
  • Flame Proof Light
  • Weather Proof Lighting

Solar Lighting

Area Of Applications:

Off Grid / On Grid, Home Lighting, Street, Peripheral, & Gardens.

Product Categories:
  • Street Lighting
  • Home, Office, Industrial On Grid / Off Grid
  • Gardens , Peripheral Lighting.

Special Lighting Products

These are application specific or customized lighting products.

  • RGB light with RGB controller.
  • DMX 512 controlled RGB Light
  • Studio Light
  • Flame Proof Light
  • OT Light
  • FLP Canopy Light
  • Under Water, Under Ground IP65/ 68 Lighting

Lighting Controls

Microcontroller based control systems for LED Lighting Applications –

  • 0-10 Dimmer
  • PWM / Traic Dimmer
  • DMX512 Controller
  • RGB Controller
  • DALI & Dimmable Drivers