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Welcome To Luxzone Lighting

Conserving Electrical Energy ” has been a great concern of the recent time. Entire world is involved in developing innovative products and solutions to conserve energy and strive out to use of “LED Lighting & Solar Power” for conserving & generating electrical energy.

Lighting has been our “Critical Need” and it needs to be smartly used for our development and economic growth.

Since last decade there has been dramatic change in lighting applications & usage. This concern have introduced many more energy efficient products into the world market. LED lighting products are one of the best energy saving solution available today.

A decade ago “LED Lighting” has been introduced worldwide in massive way. But now we perceive a sharp increase in demand of LED lighting products.

This device if we compare is nothing but a reflection of “NAGMANI” depicted in our ancient stories.

We at “LUXZONE LIGHTING” are enhancing people’s lives by delivering innovative and energy efficient lighting & power solutions everyday & everywhere.


Inspiring and Improving People’s Live through meaningful Innovative Lighting & Power Solutions.


Providing Knowledge & Creating Solutions to bring forth sustainable Green Energy.